Boris Windmeijer

visual artist

Exploring Portraiture and Autonomy Through Art

I'm Boris Windmeijer, a visual artist who embarked on a creative journey at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, where I graduated in 2019 with a specialization in painting and graphics. My artistic passion lies in capturing the essence of individuals through portraiture and crafting compelling narratives through book compositions, making my work a blend of portraiture and autonomy.

My Background and Education:

During my time at KABK, I honed my artistic skills and developed a unique creative perspective. My education equipped me with both technical expertise and a profound understanding of the art world.

A Passion for Portraits:

Portraiture is my canvas for exploring the depths of human expression. I'm drawn to the art of capturing the unique characteristics, emotions, and stories of my subjects. My portraits aim to reveal not just the physical features but also the inner worlds of the people I portray.

The Intersection of Autonomy and Portraiture:

I find a fascinating overlap between my autonomous work and portraiture. Creating commissioned portraits often leads me to intriguing connections with my personal artistic expression. This dynamic relationship between commissioned portraiture and my autonomous projects adds depth and complexity to my body of work.

Book Compositions:

In addition to portraiture, I find solace and inspiration in the art of book composition. This medium allows me to curate stories and experiences, weaving narratives through carefully chosen visuals and text. It's a unique form of self-expression that broadens my artistic horizons.

Collaboration and Beyond:

I not only excel in solo endeavors but am also open to collaboration. I enjoy the symbiosis of ideas and creativity that can emerge from working with others, be it on a commissioned portrait or a collaborative project.

With a profound dedication to the art of visual storytelling, I continue to captivate audiences with my work. My portfolio is a testament to my artistic evolution and the creative landscapes I explore. Join me on this artistic journey and discover the stories I bring to life. To learn more or to collaborate with me, please feel free to reach out



e-mail: boris (@) boriswindmeijer .nl